Van Hire Loading Specs

Unsure on which van to hire?

Please view the van loading specs below to help you select the right vehicle or you can give us a call on 01568 612 337 and we'll be happy to help

Renault Master

Load length 3733mm
Load width 1765mm
Load height 1894mm
Load Area Volume 13.0m3
Pay load 1485kg

Ford Connect

Load length 1753mm
Load width 1538mm
Load height 599mm
Load Area Volume 2.9m3
Pay load 934kgs

VW Transporter LWB

Load length 2975mm
Load width 1700mm
Load height 1940mm
Load Area Volume 9.3m3
Pay load 937kgs

Vauxhall Luton with Tail Lift

Load width: 2050mm
Load length: 4200mm
Load height: 2100mm